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Launched a service to facilitate short term loans

Levart allows art collectors to use their artwork as collateral for short term loans.

Art can be very valuable, but it is an illiquid asset. The process of selling art and receiving cash can be a complicated and time consuming process.

Levart removes this barrier by providing a simple application process that allows collectors to take out short terms loans against their collection.

My Role

Front End Development
Back End Development
Product Planning

"Saleem helped me refine my idea and built a viable prototype in a matter of weeks. In less than two months we had a product ready for launch. Saleem's persistent support throughout development and launch was always fast and consistent; This project would have been impossible without him"

Carlos Rivera
Founder of Levart and Levart

Project Overview

Levart was founded by Carlos Rivera, a premier figure in the world of fine art and a serial entrepreneur. He is also the founder of ArtRank a company that provides data driven recommendations about buying and selling, and Levart a premier marketplace for collectors to buy and sell art.

Levart consists of a multi step application process, with artwork and document uploads, as well as a notification system

01 Challenge

Build a service for art collectors to apply for short term loans

Given the unique nature of art as collateral, a custom application process was required


Worked closely with the client to identify the specific requirements for the application and built a custom app to submit applications


Levart was successfully launched and is the first platform of it's kind.

Application Process

The multi step application process guides the user through everything they need to do to obtain a loan.

Artwork & Document Uploads

Once the basic information has been collected, potential borrowers fill in additional details about their collateral and upload pictures of the artwork as well as any associated documentation that they have.

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