Solo is a personal kanban task management app with a simple and intuitive design.

We built the entire product - design and development.

User Experience Design Front End Development Back End Development Visual Design Product Planning Website Design + 1 more

Task Details

It's easy to see all the details of a task at a glance, attach files to tasks, and even start the task timer.


The agenda view is a quick way to see all of your tasks and manage their due dates.


The dashboard shows you all of your current and archived boards, and makes it super simple to create a new board.

Landing Page

We also created the landing page for Duet. It's fully responsive and has a clean purpose driven design, just like the app.

Words from our clients

23rd & Walnut helped me refine my idea and built a viable prototype in a matter of weeks. In less than two months we had a product ready for launch. Their persistent support throughout development and launch was always fast and consistent; This project would have been impossible without them.

Carlos Rivera - Founder of ArtRank, Levart, and Art9