Art X

Art X is a private marketplace that makes it easier for collectors to buy and sell art, by eliminating many of the fees typically associated with art sales and speeding up the entire process. It has integrated accounts, identity verification, custom watermarking, and integrated payments.

We were approached to build an MVP of the marketplace, which we completed in a couple of weeks. After successfully building the MVP, we were hired to build the full version of the marketplace.

Front End Development Back End Development Product Planning

Art Discovery

Because of the built in identity verification features, creating a seller account is a quick process, and once completed, Art X makes it easy to list pieces for sale. Buyers can browse, make offers on pieces their interested in, pay a deposit, perform due diligence, and complete their purchase, all from within the site. The custom digital watermarking helps protect sellers from having their works distributed without permission.

Deposits & Payments

Deposits and payments can be made directly on the site using the buyer's credit card.

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Words from our clients

23rd & Walnut helped me refine my idea and built a viable prototype in a matter of weeks. In less than two months we had a product ready for launch. Their persistent support throughout development and launch was always fast and consistent; This project would have been impossible without them.

Carlos Rivera - Founder of ArtRank, Levart, and Art9